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 Frequent Questions about Entropion Surgery

When the eyelids are rotated agains the eye, the eyelashes can rub the eye and cornea. Repeated damage to the cornea from the eyelashes can damage them permanently and even cause vision loss. We often repair the eyelid to prevent repeated damge to the eyeball.



What is the downtime for Entropion Eyelid Surgery?

The downtime for entropion eyelid surgery  is roughly two weeks.  After that time period patients can use coverup and return to work.


How long is Entropion Eyelid surgery?

Entropion eyelid  surgery takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on whether if one or both eyelids are being operated on.


Do I need someone to be with me for my Entropion surgery?


Yes, you will need someone to drive you to the office and pick you up. It is difficult if not impossible to drive home after entropion eyelid surgery. Sometimes the eye is even patched after surgery.


What are the risks of Entropion Surgery?

Risks of entropion surgery include asymmetry, vision loss, double vision, failure, bleeding, scarring, infection and the need for more surgery. Sometimes the entropion can recur after surgery. This risk is about 5%.


When can I resume normal activities after Entropion Eyelid Surgery?


Usually after two weeks patients are able to return to normal exercise, contact lens use, and physical exercise.


When do the stitches come out after Entropion Eyelid Surgery?


Stitches are removed one week after Entropion surgery. Sometimes all the stitches are dissolvable and do not need to be removed. 


What is the success rate for Entropion Eyelid surgery?


The success rate for ectropion surgery is approximately 95%

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