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Kybella is a natural produced chemical that is used to dissolve fat under the chin. In the chin, fat can give the appearance of appearing overweight, tired or swollen. Patients often complain they can't exercise the fat away. Kybella is a 15 minute procedure to remove the fat. The recovery is a couple days to weeks. 


Common Questions about Kybella


What is kybella?

Kybella is an FDA approved injectable (deoxycholic acid) used to dissolve fat in the submental area or area under the chin.  This is common referred to as the "double chin". In Denver, 68% of patients desire an improvement in the appearance in the double chin. Once injected, Kybella destroys fat cells. Once destroyed, the fat cells are not expected to return


When will I see results from Kybella?


We recommend to patients that they are treated with two vials of Kybella. This can be done either at one treatment session or split into two treatment sessions. Kybella patients feel that they see their results usually at the end of one month.


How many treatments are required?


Most patients get between 2 to 4 treatments with Kybella. Some patients can benefit from more treatments such as 6 but that is relatively uncommon. Treatment sessions are usually 6 weeks apart. The exact number of treatment sessions is determined by Dr Thiagarajah and the patient at their consultation. 


How long does Kybella last?


Kybella destroys the fat cells permanently and the results are expected to last indefinitely. It is possible if a patient gains a lot of weight, it is possible for the remaining fat cells to get so large that the fullness of neck returns but this is less likely. The results of Kybella are expected to last a very long time.


What are the common side effects of Kybella treatment?


Common side effects include bruising and swelling in the injected area. The swelling is most prominent at the third day after injection, can take several weeks to resolve and usually lasts up to a month. In some cases, the swelling can last up to six weeks. During that time period the body is draining the destroyed fat cells from the area. Discomfort, numbness and tenderness commonly occurs in the injected area and lasts several weeks. 



What happens at a Kybella treatment session?


Before the treatment session, the area is numbed with ice or numbing cream. There are 20 injections are given over 15 minutes. Usually the patient is watched for 15 minutes and then allowed to go. 



Neck Volbella treatment before and after
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